Partitioning For All Applications 

Glazed Partitions

UK Refurbs Ltd have standard glass office partition systems from a variety of manufacturers to create privacy and can enhance your office. Most are off the shelf components for ease and speed of installation.Please contact us for further details.

Fire Rated Partitions

UK Refurbs Ltd  have a variety of manufacturers to create private meeting rooms and divide office space with cost-effective solid office partition walls where fire and sound insulation is paramount.

Industrial Partitions 

We specialise in a range of steel partitions that are made for heavy industrial applications such as factory floors, warehouses and clean rooms.

Jumbo Partitions 

A jumbo stud wall is a popular choice when creating floor to ceiling height divisions within warehouse or industrial spaces. In most cases a warehouse or industrial space has an exceptionally high ceiling level. 

Our jumbo stud partitions can be built to any height or width and to suit any requirement. The jumbo wall pictured left is a recent installation in Birmingham and was 17.5 metres in height.

UK Refurbs specified the construction with specialist manufacturers and suppliers, along with a team of specialist installers.

Bespoke Glass Partitions 

UK Refurbs understands that every project should be unique, each with its own vision and aspirations. Whilst we have an extensive range of standard products but each project requires something a little out of the ordinary. There may be a need for an acoustic or fire performance, or simply to stand out from the norm This can be achieved with our bespoke glass partitions. Working with you to create a truly unique solution that meets your design brief.

Bespoke Glass Pods

 Uk Refurbs Ltd work with leading glass manufacturers which enables us to work with the client and our design team to successfully design, manufacture and install bespoke glazing products such as this unique glass sales pod which is situated in a leading car sales facility.