Mezzanine Floors 

Office Mezzanine Suites

As your business grows additional office space may be required. An easy space to expand into is within your warehouse. An office mezzanine floor or mezzanine office suite is the perfect solution.
Office mezzanine floors are quick and easy to install, and they are extremely cost effective. They give you the opportunity to create whatever office facilities you require within your warehouse. 

From open plan offices and meeting rooms through to breakout areas and directors’ offices…the possibilities are endless. With our in house design and build service all you need to complete the project.

Mezzanine Storage 

If you are looking to increase the available storage space within your industrial unit,  storage mezzanine floor is the ideal solution. 

With their versatility, no matter what your products are, mezzanine floors  can store it. With accessories  available such as pallet gates, lifts and chutes, we’ll deliver the right solution for your business needs.
You can double the available storage space within your warehouse allowing your company to grow. They are a cost effective and very quick and easy to install solution.

Mezzanine Production 

When your  business is grows  and you think the time has come to move premises the cost implications can sometimes be prohibitive. 

Our  mezzanine floors can provide you with the additional production space you need, without the cost and stress associated with moving premises. 

Using the available space above head height within your warehouse to expand your business into rather than moving premises. 

Our mezzanine floors are designed for purpose and calculated out to take the weight of you machinery , printers, production lines, conveyors, packing benches and much more so you're in safe hands.